Batch File to repair broken WSUS Clients

@echo off
net stop wuauserv /Y
net stop bits /Y
net stop cryptsvc /Y

REM Rename and Delete dircetories
rd /s /Q %SystemRoot%\SoftwareDistribution
ren %systemroot%\System32\Catroot2 Catroot2.old

Rem Change Directory to System 32
CD /D %SystemRoot%\System32

Rem Reregister files

regsvr32 Actxprxy.dll /s
regsvr32 Atl.dll /S
regsvr32 Browseui.dll /s
regsvr32 cryptdlg.dll /s
regsvr32 dssenh.dll /s
regsvr32 gpkcsp.dll /s
regsvr32 initpki.dll /s
regsvr32 jscript.dll /s
regsvr32 Mshtml.dll /s
regsvr32 Msjava.dll /s
regsvr32 Mssip32.dll /s
regsvr32 msxml.dll /s
regsvr32 msxml2.dll /s
regsvr32 Msxml3.dll /s
regsvr32 Oleaut32.dll /s
regsvr32 rsaenh.dll /s
regsvr32 sccbase.dll /s
regsvr32 shdocvw.dll /s
regsvr32 shell32.dll /s
regsvr32 slbcsp.dll /s
regsvr32 softpub.dll /s
regsvr32 Urlmon.dll /s
regsvr32 vbscript.dll /s
regsvr32 wintrust.dll /s
regsvr32 wuapi.dll /s
regsvr32 wuaueng.dll /s
regsvr32 wuaueng1.dll /s
regsvr32 wucltui.dll /s
regsvr32 wups.dll /s
regsvr32 wups2.dll /s
regsvr32 wuweb.dll /s

Rem Turn services back on

net start wuauserv
net start bits
net start cryptsvc

Those that are not fixed by this should be updated to the latest client.

ABC- WSUS Client need upgraded to 7.2.6001.788
Create an package with this commandline and these files
SCCM package Commandline needed:

WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86_726001788.exe /WUForce /quiet /norestart

if you are adding this to your OSD deployment the switches are:

WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86_726001788.exe /quiet /norestart

The three current links are:

x86:…(link is external)

x64:…(link is external)

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